The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV


"Now, Rean. Let us begin."

"Together, we shall write the end to this wretched fairy tale. In ink, black as despair."

Languishing in chains as dusk falls around him.

A guiding light swallowed by the darkness, in an empire shrouded by its curse.

Filled with regrets that will never cease.

Plagued by questions that will go unanswered.

Unable to protect that which he held dear, lost in despair over mistakes that cannot be undone, he listlessly awaits his fate as a "Sacrifice."

This is what has become of Rean Schwarzer, the Ashen Chevalier.

As he sits in darkness, the world edges ever closer to its demise.

The Erebonian Empire, the country with the most powerful military in recorded history, is now poised to swallow up the entire continent under the banner of its largest invasion plan yet—Operation Jormungandr.

In response, the rest of the world rallies together in a last-ditch effort to fell this mighty serpent, no matter the cost.

Blind to the fact that they are playing right into the hands of the secret society, Ouroboros. The mysterious group continues to fan the flames of ruin, all for the sake of fulfilling its leader's long-sought plans...

"That’s why someone… Someone needs to find him, grab him by the collar, and shake him until he snaps out of it! To tell him that he’s wrong! That it wasn’t his fault!"

"Wasn't that supposed to be our job?!"

Those words brought a flash of light to souls lost to despair.

Thors Military Academy, Class VII.

A group of exceptionally talented young men and women that transcend the boundaries of status, creed, and even nationality. Both its first and second generations now fight against the oncoming night.

Together, they rise, to stand against the end of all things.

Together, they will keep moving forward, to bring light and hope back to the world once more.

"Now, everyone. Let's get started.
We'll bring an end to this damned fairy tale. Together!"


Juna Crawford
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Juna Crawford
"About time. I'm ready to get down to business."

The de facto leader of the new Class VII—an energetic girl with a strong sense of justice. She was raised in the formerly independent Crossbell State.

She idolizes the Special Support Section and enrolled in Crossbell's police academy to follow in their footsteps, but certain circumstances forced her to transfer to Thors' branch campus instead.

Though initially distrustful of the people who had invaded her home—not least of all their hero, the Ashen Chevalier—her many trials overcome with Class VII helped her grow. She is now determined to fight for a future where Crossbellans and Erebonians can work together, hand in hand.

Now that the Great Twilight has spread throughout Erebonia, however, Juna's fulfilling days at the academy have come to an end, leaving nothing awaiting her but bleak reality.

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Kurt Vander
"To you, I may still seem young and inexperienced...but there's no better way to prove how far I've come than giving you my best fight!"

A handsome young man with a strikingly serious personality. He is the second son of the Vander family—a line of Imperial sword masters—and possesses an inordinate level of skill with dual blades.

His family's dismissal from their duties as Imperial bodyguards had left him without purpose, causing him to withdraw from the main campus and enroll in the branch campus instead.

Though initially doubtful of how capable the Ashen Chevalier really was, he begins to take Rean's lessons to heart over time, growing as both a person and a swordsman.

After the curse spreads across Erebonia, however, Kurt eventually finds himself awakening in an unfamiliar village...

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Altina Orion
"No matter your methods, there is only so much you can accomplish alone."

A seemingly emotionless girl who uses her combat shell, Claiomh Solais, to fight. She was formerly affiliated with the Imperial Army's Intelligence Division under the code name "Black Rabbit," and served as Rean's support and surveillance during his time fulfilling the government's orders.

When Rean was assigned to the branch campus as an instructor, she enrolled under secret orders herself. Her experiences as a student of Class VII deepened her bonds with Rean and her classmates, causing her to slowly develop genuine emotions.

During the incident in Heimdallr, she was resolved to protect her friends at the cost of her life, but ended up losing someone dear to her instead. Lamenting days now forever lost, Altina sank to the depths of despair...

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Musse Egret
"Maybe it's a little unfair of us to steal the first chance, but nevertheless...shall we?"

A delicate-looking, coquettish girl from the prestigious Egret family. She originally attended St. Astraia Girls' School prior to enrolling in the branch campus.

The mysterious airs and hidden talents she had let slip during her time as a student were in fact only a taste of true identity: Mildine Juzelith de Cayenne, niece of Duke Cayenne and heir apparent to the Cayenne Duchy.

Having secretly formed the Weissland Army out of noble forces in order to oppose Chancellor Osborne, she has left the branch campus to continue her work on the main stage alongside her two collaborators, Aurelia Le Guin, the Golden Rakshasa, and Vita Clotilde, the Azure Abyss.

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Ash Carbide
"Sorry, but I don't got time to waste on trash like you."

A troublemaking punk who grew up in the slums of Raquel. Despite his coarse mouth and brazen behavior, he possesses exceptional talent in a variety of fields.

Though originally enrolled in Class VIII of the branch campus, he transferred into Class VII halfway through the year, where Rean and the rest of the class proved influential in helping him discover his own path.

However, he suddenly attacked Emperor Eugent III under the influence of Erebonia's dark curse, sparking a nationwide uproar. Though taken into custody, he was rescued by the Weissland Army under orders from General Aurelia Le Guin; but since her departure from the branch campus, his current whereabouts are unknown.


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